Everything going on plates or in our mounth starts with a seed. Nowadays with food just appearing in the supermarket it's easy to forget the effort it takes to produce good food. Think about it for a while, the time and love it takes for a tomato to go from seed into plant, flower, pollination from a bee so that plant will bear fruit and the need of love, water and warmth for it to grow and turn red.

Food needs our respect and we need to respect nature in all it's splendor to bring us more. We need to respect time, the time it takes to naturally produce everything we grow. You can't hurry a baby coming into the world, what makes us think we could or should hurry plants to grow? It's a twisted way of thinking that nature is suppose to adapt to our rapid way of living. If we let it take the time it needs then we're blessed with the sweetest of fruit and vegetables.

Food is political but as a consumer you hold the power in your hand. Even if you think you are small in this big world of consuming every time you choose something sustainable produced you save the world and the values of farming.

Plant a seed today, ask in your supermarket what's grown close to you and most important, choose something organic even if just one little thing.

For us as foodies it's important not just to eat food but to make sure the food we eat do not put even more burden on this planet. Our footprints needs to be clean and every day we make choices that effect us and every one else. You don't just have the possibility but responsibility to buy sustainable. Choose carefully, choose organic!

In the greenhouse