First stop - Bränneriets gård

Since we now have a little baby of three months we focus on trips close to home. Last week we packed our car and took a day trip to the mid of Skåne. To practice what we preach we visited sustainable farms growing and producing organic food.

First stop at Bränneriets Gård, a farm on the countryside with a farm shop and café. We have visites loads of farm shops over the years but I must say this is one of the best. They bake everything themselfs and you practically enjoy your coffee out in the farmland.

Another fun thing, especially with kids, is that you can pick your own berries, at the moment blueberries, currants and blackberries but we just took a walk around the lush farm. This is a lovely place with lovely values where they focus on 100 percent organic and everything they don't grow themselfs are locally produced.
Second stop - Ådala gård

After another twenty minutes in the car we arrive to Ådala Gård (Adala farm) in the middle of the woods. In a lovely clearing this farm appears and serves us the most amazing gazpacho ever, much better then the most served in Spain actually. Perhaps the home grown vegetables does it. The lovely couple running this farm grow almost everything themselfs and produce the best cheese we've ever had outside France.

In the small farm shop we get to taste all of their different cheese varieties before buying and this is why I love small dairys who actually take time to really talk to their costumers. The pride they take in their products shine through and if i wasn't for other customers in the shop we could stay forever.

The gazpacho is served with crisp focaccia and garlic cream cheese in the shade of the trees. If you love food, if you are a foodie like us you must visit this artisan dairy where everything is organic. The cheese is made of milk from a nearby farm called Gunnaröds Gård - our next destination.

Third stop - Gunnaröds gård

I've followed this farm on instagram for a while and when they got their milk machine I just knew we had to go there. You tap the milk from a machine in a glas bottle and pay with credit card - we just love it. It's innovative, it's old school in a remastered contemporary form.

The farm shop is small but offers meat from the farm, some vegetables and other organic produce like drinks and candy. We focus on milk and buy some beef for tonights dinner.

surroundings are wide fields, animals grazing and a fresh breeze from the open landscapes. It's nice!


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